Monday, February 11, 2013

Back in the Topps saddle, and boy howdy has it evolved!

Lucky for me my daughter likes baseball. So I have an excuse for collecting cards again. She loves it and I love it. I collected cards religiously from 1980 through 1988. Topps, Donruss, and Fleer. Complete sets and multiple box breaks were the norm for me and my little brother. We also stormed local flea markets and card shows for vintage card additions for our collection. I would periodically pull out the cards to reminisce and occasionally pick up a pack or two or some George Brett cards for my collection. After years of not collecting my parents gave me the complete 2012 series 1 & 2 base set for Christmas. From that point on my daughter and I have been hooked. I now pay close attention to release dates for the insane amount of topps baseball editions. I am also regularly browsing ebay for deals on the cards I want. The glut of new cards, inserts, parallels, etc was very overwhelming at first. But I think I have a pretty good handle on it now. I'd like to become a case breaker/dealer but don't see the interest level to be high enough to make a decent profit. So for now it's just collecting and maybe the occasional trade/sale.

The level of excitement my kid has for all these various versions of cards takes me back to 1980 when there was only one version of card. She wants them all! I can't imagine if there were this many choices and editions when I was a kid. I would've lost my ever loving mind over it. And I would've never been able to afford it.

Anyway, I'm very excited over the series 1 cards and looking forward to the 2013 heritage release. I plan on buying a box for my kid on march 3rd when they become available.

My favorites from series 1 are of course the Bryce Harper #1 regular and the out of bounds short print (had to get that on ebay). Also love the inserts, relics, and die cut cards. If I was able, I'd buy 10 cases for each release and to hell with selling them. I just love sorting them and building sets. Also love sleeving them up in cases and adding them to my kid's collection.

Does anyone make real money selling new cards?

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